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“A book that packs a heck of an emotional punch. Bravo!”

- Cara Lockwood, 10-time published USA Today best seller & professional editor

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“If you could go back and speak to 5-years-ago you, what would you urge yourself to do differently this time around? And if you jumped ahead to 5 years from now, what do you imagine that you might say to your current self? Would you take your own advice and do the things NOW that you know would leave you with regret if unaccomplished later?”

― Unknown
This is just one of the many types of things that I think about on a daily basis. If you met me, and you could verify this with my friends, you might think I was a goofball who thinks about nothing more than sports teams, innuendos, jokes, and simple pleasures. But inside my head is a land you might not want to enter. It is filled with questions of the heart, mind, & soul, of space & time, of life & death, of regrets, fears, & failures, of hopes & dreams, of finality & eternity (both forward and backward), and of many more things that you might not want to think about in a lifetime, let alone a single day. But such is my existence. I tell you this only to give you insight into what makes me... ME. I am a dreamer at heart, a philosopher & thinker by nature, and a realist to my detriment. But I am also a Lover - of nature & life, of beauty & serenity, of words & wisdom. I see a lot of myself in the main character Seth in my book Sunlight Parted. I feel a lot of the same things. It's hard to describe but I'll try.

I feel the relentless ticking of life's clock. I feel the winter approaching when it's still summer. I feel the vast ocean of time rushing in on me like a wave. I feel each day fade into the night, and each minute fade into the hour, and each second ticking by in rhythm with my heartbeat, and it wears on me. I once wrote "Life's beauty is to vast for me alone, in but a thousand lifetimes to perceive." So knowing I couldn't experience all that I want to in a thousand lifetimes sort of makes having only 1 a painful thought.

But there are certain times when I feel so... alive. It's hard to describe exactly what I mean. Maybe if you saw me standing and facing the sun, on a perfect day, with my arms spread out to my sides high in the air in a V, soaking it all in. Maybe if you saw me watching the sunlight fall through the leaves of a tree onto the ground below. Maybe if you saw me watching the rain bounce off the window, or watching a bird chase its friend around the park. Maybe if you saw me walking along a country road in silence. Maybe you would wonder what I was thinking. But if you could feel what I was feeling, you would have no questions. You might get a better sense of who I was and how I ticked. Sometimes a moment might strike me and I'll stop and swear I can feel forever in that moment, like I can feel a thousand days of sunlight in one instant, like I'm... whole... if just for a second.

Those feelings are the feelings I crave, those moments are the moments I chase, and that is what makes me who I am. It is why being me is hard to describe. How do you describe a feeling like that? I guess I can't. Not with any success. And sometimes I think a song conveys it better. Sometimes the words, and sometimes even just a single note, or a chord, or a sound. The songs on the right are very... me.